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Adopt-a-park Program
What is Adopt-A-Park?


Adopt- A- Park Guidelines

  1. The Adopt-A-Park program is designed to assist the Department with maintenance and upkeep of Guam’s public parks and is open to civic organizations, business, schools, and pther groups and individuals who wish to participate.
  2. Groups participating in the program will assist the Department of Parks and Recreation who will retain primary responsibility for the upkeep of all parks.  It is not intended that participating groups should assum sole responsibility for the park they adopt.
  3. The Department of Parks and Recreation, Government of Guam and the sponsoring business, organizations, school, etc., will indemnify and hold each other harmiless from any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries and liabilities arising from any negligence on the part of the party, its agent(s), or employees in performance of upkeeping a park.
  4. Adopt-A-Park groups can either do the work themselves, have the work done through a program such at the Department of Commerce’s “Donations for work” or contrict this work out.
  5. Suggested activities for participating groups inlcude but not limited to):

a. Facilities and improvements, such as donation of shelter, restroom, etc.

b. Removal of litter

c. Maintain trees and shrubs

d. Mow and weed

e. Repair/repaint vadalized facilities, if possible

f. Provide landscaping

6. All work, particularly improvements, must be closely coordinated with the Department of Parks and Recreation.

7. The frequency of work shall be left up to the participating group; however the park must always look safe and attractive.

8. The Department of Parks and Recreation and the participating group will enter into an agreement on their responsibilities and involvment.

For more information ,please email us at inquiries@dpr.guam.gov or contact us at 671-475-6288.

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